Tesco over 50s Life Insurance Plan + Critical Illness Cover

tesco life insurance over 50s

Features of Tesco Life Insurance available

  • Critical illness cover available
  • Tesco Life insurance from £4 per month
  • Excellent terms for all age groups – not just over 50s!
  • Cover for extreme sports participants
  • Life cover for people who are divorced or separated
  • Life cover for people outside the UK
  • Return of premium life insurance coverage if you don’t die
  • Insurance that covers your mortgage

Review of Tesco Life Cover from a 3rd party analyst

  • Very competitive premiums – Tesco over 50 life insurance
  • Few exclusions compared with other prominent insurers
  • It is perfect for smokers on the Tesco over 50 plan
  • Ideal plans for older people – Tesco life insurance over 50 policy
  • Joint life insurance is priced very aggressively – excellent value.
  • Critical Illness coverage, separate or combined with life insurance, with little extra cost
Tescos Life Insurance Cover Application uk residents
  • Your Insurance Requirements

  • About You

Life Assurance Options uk resident
accidental death cash sum
funeral benefit option accidental death
funeral expenses fixed lump sum

It’s often found that individuals looking for Over 50 UK resident life insurers, Reviewable or Death in-service benefits total payout; however, VitalityLife lifetime cover, like Sunlife fixed premiums, are keen to see evidence of affordability in the form of universal credit letters, pension statements or accountants certificate.  Tesco life insurance for people over 50 can be perfect for people with some health issues, whereas other coverage would not be valid.

Tesco over 50 life insurance similar policies list with fixed premiums

Lv Life Insurance Cover with many claims paid

Life cover for individuals with medical problems for assured futures and funeral benefits

People can get inexpensive existing health problems life insurance coverage if they live in Costa Del Sol, Puerto Banus, Las Chapas, Cadiz or Estepona with the help of brokers. Selections of pre-existing medical problems include high BMI, sleep disorder, breast cancer, cancer, anaemia, lung diseases or prostate cancer.

Life insurance for people with medical conditions – over 50s life cover with no medical

Individuals can get cheap life insurance coverage for preexisting health conditions if they live in Casares, Tarifa, Ibiza, Valencia, or Ardales. Additional examples of existing health problems:

  • bladder problems
  • urine problems
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • sleep disorder
  • high BMI
  • depression

Does Tesco do Life Insurance with financial protection?

Yes, Tesco provides life insurance at £9.88 per month for £ 300,000 in cover.  The Tesco Over 50 plan is top-rated in the UK now, and there is no waiting period.

Does Tesco do Life Cover?

Yes, Tesco life cover is £12.21 per month for £223000 of cover.  Tesco Bank life insurance is very aggressively priced.

Do Tesco offer Life insurance over 50?

Yes, Tesco Life insurance over 50 is £7.67 per month for £ 297,000 of cover.

Does Tesco do Income protection insurance?

Yes, Tesco Income protection insurance is £9.32 per month.

Does Tesco offer mortgage life insurance?

Yes, Tesco mortgage life insurance is £7.47 per month for £244000 of cover.

What are the current Tesco rates for critical illness cover?

Tesco rates for critical illness cover are £7.99 per month for £ 238,000 of cover.  Tesco’s critical illness cover is among the most popular in the UK marketplace.

Does Tesco have excellent reviews for life insurance?

Yes, Tesco reviews are superb for life insurance quotes.

Does the Tescos life insurance calculator show the monthly costs?

Yes, the Tesco life insurance calculator shows excellent monthly premiums.

Does a Tesco life insurance advisor charge a large fee?

No, Tesco life insurance advisors are free.

Do Tesco offer whole of life insurance?

Yes, Tesco Whole Life Insurance is £6.81 per month for £279000 of cover.

Does Tesco offer Joint life insurance?

Yes, Tesco Joint life insurance is £10.49 per month for £279000 of cover and for wellbeing services.

Does Tesco offer Terminal illness coverage?

Yes, Tesco Terminal illness cover is £8.82 per month for £293000 of cover.

Does Tesco offer Term life insurance?

Yes, Tesco Term life insurance is £8.62 per month for £227000 of cover.

Does Tesco do Decreasing term life insurance?

Yes, Tesco does decrease term life insurance at £6.07 per month for £277000 of cover claims paid.

Does Tesco do Increasing term life insurance?

Yes, Tesco Bank does increase term life insurance at £10.53 per month for a full lump sum of £227000 of cover.

Does Tesco do Level term life insurance?

Yes, Tesco offers level term life insurance at £7.43 per month for £212000 of cover. Also, currently, Tesco over-50 life insurance is very popular.

Does Tesco do Family income benefit life insurance?

Yes, Tesco provides a family income benefit life insurance at £7.39 per month for £291000 of coverage.  Tesco life assurance is also very popular in 2024.

Areas with attractive life insurance cost with a Tesco life insurance plan, including over 60

Life cover for individuals with medical problems – Tesco critical illness cover

Individuals living in Guadalmina, Torrox, Seville, Torrox, or Algarrobo Costa can get inexpensive preexisting medical conditions cover. Tesco’s over-50s life insurance reviews are generally favourable.

Further examples of pre-existing health conditions suitable for a Tesco life insurance review:

  • COPD
  • prostate cancer
  • stroke
  • high cholesterol
  • thyroid disorder
  • alcoholics
  • cancer

AA Life Insurance

Tesco Life Assurance policies for people who do dangerous sports

People can get inexpensive life policies for dangerous hobbies if they live in Algarrobo, Miraflores, Monda, Alameda or Nueva Andalucia with the help of a finance broker. Examples of high-risk sports include Mountain biking, Mountain boarding, Skimboarding, psicobloc, Bodyboarding, Kitesurfing or Motor Sports.

Tesco life insurance – over 50 life insurance, no medical exam

People often search for unit-linked, whole-of-life, or Index-linked term life insurance. However, Tesco Over 50 life insurance, like the Tesco Over 50 plan, is keen to see paperwork showing affordability in the form of investment statements, pension statements, or accounts.

Aviva Seguros

Please write to us postal addresses Aviva and Tesco

Contact phone number UK life

The date policy was taken out


  For claims, call 0800 015 1142; for anything else, call 0800 302 9604. (Lines are open 8 am-8 pm Monday to Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm Saturday, 10 am-4 pm Sunday)Aviva Life Insurance, PO Box 520, Norwich, NR1 3WG
Friends Life or Friends Provident Life CoverageFrom 4th December 2009 to 15th September 2012Life and Critical Illness policies – 0800 917 9566 (lines are open Monday to Friday 8:30 am-6 pm). Over 50s policies – 0800 917 8718 (lines are open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5.30 pm)  Same number for over 60sFriends Life, Life Insurance, PO Box 1550, Salisbury, SP1 2TWM
Countrywide Assured plc (formerly Protection Life/Direct Line Life)From 15th February 2006 to 3rd December 2009For claims, call 0800 015 1142; for anything else, call 0800 302 9604. (Lines are open 8 am-8 pm Monday to Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm Saturday, 10 am-4 pm Sunday)Tesco Life Insurance, Countrywide Assured Plc, PO Box 2923, Romford, RM7 1PE
Norwich Union Life CoverTaken out on or before 14th February 20060800 068 6800 (lines are open Monday to Friday 8 am-8 pm and Saturday 9 am-5 pm)Aviva Life Insurance, PO Box 569, Norwich, NR1 3XX

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Tesco Over 50s Plan

The Tesco over-50s plan is not related to any previous payments up to six months ago. However, the policy documents include a guaranteed payout and additional services with the 50 life insurance policy.

Tesco over 50s life insurance plan

You can find out about Tesco’s over 50s life insurance plan by using the life insurance calculator.